In your experience, does a lack of an education make a person more prone to violence?


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About 35 years ago**, as part of a "General Studies" course we spent some sessions talking about "Violence in Society". I can't really remember many of the details, but I do remember there was a small correlation between poor education and violent behaviour, but you'd be hard put to it to make that "cause and effect". There WAS a far greater connection between poverty and violent behaviour, I recall.

** I was a very precocious 5 year old, or something.....

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Absolutely NOT.  Most poor and or undereducated people are not at all violent.  Likewise, one can see that there are those highly educated people who are prone to violence.  It's a matter of personal character.   

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No, I don't think it has to with education and much as economics and upbringing. Desperate people become more violent. Yes, I realize there is a correlation between economics and education, But if you can get through high school you can learn a trade and make a good living. Unfortunately there is a section of society who generationally are told no one wants them. That isn't true, If people from anywhere are willing to work, they will be hired. 

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A college teacher told me the more education you have the more choices in life u have. I beleive that. Alot of this violence is nothing but fear,  fear of no money nothing they can buy no job

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I have no experience with that.

But one thing education can do is give someone a sense of future that might help them avoid making bad choices because the present is all they see.

At least that is what I have been thinking after watching a number of Homicide Hunters on cable with Lt Joe Kenda's commentary.

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Danae Hitch
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I love that show!
Tom  Jackson
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Me too. I found it for the first time in December of last year on cable.

It was being shown in some kind of a marathon and I totally got hooked over a week of shows---up to 3 a night.

Got my wife interested also, and she loves him too.

I did some research on him on the internet. He doesn't read from a script. The producers sit down with him for about an 30 minutes for each show and he simply outlines the case and makes his remarks. (He says he has perfect recall of each case.)
Then they edit what he says and cuts his comments in as appropriate.

The story of how he wound up agreeing to do the shows is also interesting.
Danae Hitch
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Yes, I think I ran across the same marathon. Love me some Joe Kenda!

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