difference between affect and effect?


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Here ya go!


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Verb vs noun. I like Happy's answer.

However, it brings a story to mind. Professor Wolfgang Pauli is an immortal in the field of quantum physics for "the Pauli Principle" (and well you may ask what's the difference between principle and principal, whereupon I would refer you to my opening sentence).

What is less well known is "the Pauli Effect" which refers to the experiments which would go wrong if he was in the lab. For all his brilliance, the guy was a klutz, and if he was involved in lab work his colleagues had to be on guard against the likelihood of broken equipment.

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LOL ... I have "the Walter Effect" ... any chemicals I mix, be it in chemistry lab or a food recipe, will NOT result in the desired way if I follow the recipe. My chemistry and home-economics teachers could all attest to it. If I mix two chemicals that should result in a red liquid, mine will be blue. LOL
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Hmm. You and I might be distant relatives. Sounds as though you're describing me. :(

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