Words you know that are actually the name of a company or a person used as a verb. To make a copy people are sometimes told to "Xerox it", Or you are asked to find the definition of a word or gather some information you are told to "Google" It"?


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I was gonna say I say "fedexed" for anything shipping related ... But @Mountain Man already took that answer so I got nothing .. That's fine 😡

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Dear Ancient One,

The phrase I love most in this regard is actually not used as a verb, and is not even all that common...

It's éminence grise...the gray eminence, and similar to 'the power behind the throne.'

Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) was chief minister in the French court of King Louis XIII, and thus very powerful in his bright-red cardinal robes and title of "Your Eminence." But Richelieu's right-hand man was a Capuchin friar with no title at all and allowed only gray robes - however he had great influence over Richelieu.

So people claimed that France was really being ruled by the otherwise insignificant gray-robes friar, calling him The Gray Eminence.

* * *

The phrase has persisted to our own time, one famous instance being Dick Cheney, claimed to be the real POTUS and an éminence grise by those who did not like his influence over President Bush.

A painting of Cardinal Richelieu...

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Wonder if the good cardinal was an earlier incarnation of Grogori Rasputin?
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Oh...doubtless another devastating modern example...supposed to have contributed to the overthrow of that 300 years Romanov dynasty...wonderful example, Dozy!
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Eponyms are interesting,

Pompadour is still used to describe the hairstyle of this beautiful, French courtesa n.

And what would we carry in our briefcases if the Earl of Sandwich hadn't had a love for a slice of meat eaten between slices of bread?

One of my favourites comes from that infamous but clever US state governor Eldridge Gerry whose shenanigans with the redistribution of voting boundaries gave us gerrymander.

But I'm hoping that nobody ever comes onto Blurtit, posts a silly answer, and is accused of *shudder* didging.

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Three that come to mind are


Duct taped


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