Hi I just want to ask if it's ethical to study and learn by the use of mindmapping and be able to pass exams? BTW I have tried to use chess as my learning guide to pass my nursing board exams and I feel very guilty because of using that strategy..


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As I understand mind-mapping it's just a method of gathering ideas on a page, using words, pictures, diagrams and colours. In a sense it's just a mnemonic system that can facilitate learning. Ethics don't come into it; if it works for you, use it.

But chess for nursing board exams? It's never gonna work. I can play a pawn fork or a discovered check with the best of 'em but anything more complicated than a band aid is beyond me.

Honestly, Fitz, ANY method you use to enhance your memory is just fine.

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Didge Doo
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Oh, I dunno, Walt. After thinking about it, you've got to consider that getting mated might lead you to a maternity ward. >;-/
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
... or the pysch ward.

Didge Doo
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Reminds me of the joke about Tony Blair being shown around a new Scottish hospital.

He stopped to speak to one patient who looked him right in the eye and said, "Wee sleekit timorous cowrin' beastie..."

He thought, "He's nuts," and moved on to the next bed where the next patient said, "Ah, what a panic's in thy breastie..."

So he moved on quickly to the third patient who said, "Thou need nae rin away sae hasty, wi' bick'ring brattle..."

Finally he turned to his guide and asked, "Is this the psych ward?"

And was told, "No, it's the Burns unit."
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I can remember MANY times in high school when taking various "tests", there would be many whom would be humming to themselves, and oddly similar melodies . . .

Whatever aids you in memorizing things is just a tool . . And should make you feel guilty.

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Some people learn best by reading.  (Visual learning)

Some people learn best by listening.  (Auditory learning)

You learn best by "mind-mapping."

I don't see how ethics is involved at all.

Associating a fact with a chess piece is just another way of using a ready built set of categories (rooks, knights, etc.) to facilitate learning.

Use whatever works.

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Fitz Raijin .Wada
Yup all three learning strategies are effective but I think the hardestime is listening
Tom  Jackson
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All 3 can be effective, but it's usually not simply a "toss-up" as to which one you use.

In my case, my natural way of learning is visual---I retain much more when I can read a transcript of a lecture rather than being present when the lecture is given. I'm probably 90% visual and 10% auditory.

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