Hi exam question.. i would like to ask if you can pass the board exam (licensure professional exam) by luck? Im planning to take this year.. thanks in advance


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Umm, if you're intending on passing a professional licensing exam with luck alone, then you really don't deserve your license in the first place. Study up, my friend. Master your craft!

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Since it would be theoretically possible for an immortal monkey using a typewriter to produce a duplicate of one of the current extant versions of the bible, I would assume you might be able to do so by luck alone.

But what is the market value (much less the actual value) of a "Certified Professional Monkey?"

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Jose Leon
Jose Leon commented
Sir why are you so good in writing..
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Here’s a few, but I have never really thought about it before.

(And due to character limitations for characters, this comment will require a second comment to be complete.)
All of us have various characteristics. One of mine was a rather strong desire to be precise from a young age. And that was partly because my mother's favorite saying was, "If you think you are so smart, you figure it out." So I always had to be able to figure things out to maintain the self image that my parents gave me.

I am intelligent, and in order to have had time to read more and learn more, I had to become rather good at distilling information from sources and being able to state that information relatively succinctly in my writing since it seemed that I was always having to defend what I wanted in my family.
Tom  Jackson
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I took Latin in high school and the grammatical structure is very precise. I have a degree in physics, and that makes me good at "poking" into reality and disciplining my mind. I'm sure all of that helped. I also studied vocabulary which makes easier for me to use the precise words necessary to express what I am trying to say. (That goes to efficiency as well---I can be terse, aphoristic, and succinct when necessary because I have multiple tools (words) at my disposal.)

And then, I just happen to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); and it is very typical of we "ADDers" that we tend to paint (write) with a "fine" rather than a "broad brush"----we "grind" exceedingly fine by nature.

I'm good at these short answers, but I am not good if it goes over one page---term papers---oh no!
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The point of professional licensing is to make sure those individuals are highly qualified in their fields.  If you're too lazy to study and hope you can slide by .. You don't have a professional attitude IMO.  I'm sure those tests are geared up to weed out people who haven't studied though.  If the test is worth taking, it's worth doing your best to pass it.

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If you can, it isn't much of an exam. Personally IMO, if that is your attitude towards getting your license, I think you should look for another profession. If you don't want to put the effort in to even getting licensed, what can a future client expect?

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Jose Leon
Jose Leon commented
And to put patients lives at risk im not tolerating that to happen... lives are important and im unfit to serve..
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
You can try pharmaceutical sales. Maybe lab work.
Jose Leon
Jose Leon commented
Thanks.. but pharmaceutical sales requires good communication skills.. ill try to check on that though

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