were you ever diagnosed with a learning disability and/or ADHD/add when you were a kid because when I was a kid they did and it was complete crap? 


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Not me because in the 1950's outback of Washington State logging country, they did not even have the diagnosis yet. But when the understanding of ADHD finally did come in those very early years, it helped a few youngsters very much at that time.

However when I was working with my god daughter and her siblings 1998-2006, it was awful...by then schools were using these specialized diagnoses for crowd control, also to get more money the more kids they can get on these special needs lists.

VERY VERY hard on the children, in my experience.

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I was diagnosed with mild Asperger's syndrome when I was 12. Although it isn't classed as a learning disability, people with AS (Asperger's) can have trouble with things such as handwriting, reading etc, which can obviously affect their learning. For example, I can write really well (better than most adults, according to my mum), but when it comes to maths, I'm hopeless!

In secondary school (I was diagnosed while in my second year there), I was given no support at all, even though my teachers and head of year knew about my diagnosis. In sixth form however, I was given a 'needs assessment', which resulted in me being entitled to extra time and the use of word processing software in exams. Although I was very grateful for those things and all of the other support I was given by the staff at college, I really could've done with them in secondary school too, which was a bit unfair really.

Anyway, I'm rambling as usual! I'll stop now :)

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No, people didn't use as many labels back then.  Today, I would have probably been diagnosed as dyslexic as a young child.  I was ambidextrous, but you had to hold my writing up to a mirror to read it.  I outgrew it by about six or seven.

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Nope, but sometimes it does seem like BS to me, especially since it's often boys who get diagnosed. And I've read that normal behavior for boys is often misdiagnosed as ADHD just because a lot of boys do better when not sitting still for hours in a school setting.

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true the only reason I was diagnosed with it was because I was immature and they didn't get a doctor to prove it and just sent me in with kids who actually did have the disease
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I think that people with learning disabilities are over-diagnosed for things that they don't need to be.  Schools should look at the child's personal needs instead of the needs for a person with a 'disability'.  Just FYI, I'm not saying that it's complete BS, but that some people are diagnosed with mental disorders that they don't have.

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I was diagnosed at 50---it explained a lot of things and allowed me to change my life.

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