What age were you when you felt accomplished in life? Like what age did you have your first house, kid, good career and spouse? Just curious! I feel already behind in life and I'm only 20!


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Age 20-married.
Age 23-bought 1st house
Age 23-first child.
Age 25-great, high paying career.
Age 35-divorced.
Age 36-met second wife.
Age 36-at the urging of my new wife, quit job and started my first business.

There were various accomplishments in my entire life that I'm proud of but age 36 felt like my life just began to mean something.

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You're not behind, Ashley. It isn't a contest. It's whatever we decide it should be.

Married my first wife at age 22. (I've still got her but I call her my first wife so she won't get overconfident.)

First child age 23. (I mean, I was 23, not him.)

Good career? Well not all of us manage to have a career. I dropped out of school at 15 (pretty normal in Oz in the 1950s) and got into telecommunications. Not the brightest decision I ever made.

So I'm undistinguished as far as accomplishments go but I've had a life filled with love and laughter. I couldn't have asked for better.

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Skip  Gentry
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That's all that matters, Didge :)
Didge Doo
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It works for us, Skip. :)
And thanks, Tiger. It was certainly fun to do. When I sell my first million copies I'm gonna fly out and visit all my on-line friends.
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Not yet still a little young to do anything big

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Jann Nikka
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Your never too young to volunteer to help your family, friends, neighbors and your community.
An Accomplished Life can also be about what's willing and freely done for others :)

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