Do you think in English (or another language)? Do you think in pictures?


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I think in English (the only language that I know) but I think in pictures when I listen to music.

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My thoughts are really confusing lol. I think in pictures but everything is  pretty much in Japanese, hahah.

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Since English is my only language, that's how I think. But pictures are beyond me. I have little ability to visualise anything. (Mrs Didge has a very visual mind and can think me under the table.)

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KB Baldwin
KB Baldwin commented
Does that explain why I have trouble keeping the characters separate in my mind when watching TV. Often seems like they (especially the males) all look alike. Maybe why I like Bruce Willis and Jason Statham - they don't look like all the other people in the film.
Didge Doo
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That could be. I don't have much trouble with the major characters, but I get confused with the lesser lights.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented this "aphantasia" is studied more, I wonder if a tendency will emerge for affecting one gender more than the other...will it affect males more than females...
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Dear Nina,

This is an interesting question...

Some years ago when first attempting meditation, I used an exercise suggested by Buddhism where you just ask yourself a theoretically unanswerable question ("What is the mind?"), and hold your mind there, experiencing that stillness even for just a few seconds.

This is done as a way to quiet what Buddhism calls the "monkey mind," with constant barrage of thought, constantly jumping around.

The point being...lately as I watch my mind, I notice understanding, conclusions, questions, insights of various kinds forming with NEITHER words nor pictures...just abiding there...and then I can translate into words if I wish.

* * *

For a very interesting discussion of image thinking, I loved a book I learned about on the old; by Temple Grandin, describing her experience of autism, which was immensely valuable in the research she did (she has a Ph.D).

The title of her book is THINKING IN PICTURES.

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Didge Doo
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I remember you mentioning that book. I shied off it because of my inability to think in pics.
Virginia Lou
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Dozy...that is how Temple Grandin was able to develop the compassionate slaughter methods for the cattle, she actually experienced the surroundings as they (the cattle) did, and "saw" alternatives for them soothing to them.
Didge Doo
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Interesting idea. I don't know anything about her but it's the kind of name you don't forget.

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