What problems do you think learners are likely to have with the english language?


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Joe B. answered
Words that sound the same. To, Too, Two come to mind.
Also if they want to learn to speak English like they hear in movies or music..... With a lot of slang and short cuts that could prove difficult to learn quickly.
Heck I was born in a predominately English speaking country (America)
And it took me years to understand and implement that rule of "I before E except after C" hehehe
Daniel Worthington Profile
Probably the silent letters, i.e whole, edge, gnome, sword, wrote, etc.
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When I was learning English, I had trouble with spelling, all the exceptions in the English language, and vocabulary terms. I also had some trouble with the slang and "informal" English since you are usually taught the formal form of English in English classes.
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Ali Gh answered
It is not like that. I am an M.A student of English Language Teaching. It depends on your mother tongue. There are some sounds in English that another language may not have. So these sounds may cause problems. Remember they MAY cause problems. I didn't say they WILL. Other problems may be a result of differences in the language systems. These differences may be in different levels (syntax, grammar, phonology, etc). It is not that all the differences may cause problems, but it may do so.

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