What Are The Three Steps Of Critical Thinking? What Do They Include? How Might Mastery Of These Skills Make You A More Effective College Student And Adult Learner?


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Critical thinking is the art of establishing what's true or false - it's about ensuring that you overlook conclusions which are gathered through studying. The actual history of critical thinking stems back many years - back to Greek times - and it all relates to being a better student.

So: How can you use this approach to boost your grades and improve your performance as a student overall?

• Next time you're about to miss a deadline with your coursework, don't bury your head in your hands
The last thing you should want to do is go to sleep and to try and forget about the whole subject altogether. Instead, try to form a viable solution that's based on how you can actually reach your goal in the little time you have left on the clock.

• Remember - critical thinking doesn't have to be about negativity
One of the main ideas about critical thinking is to establish a balanced argument - to look at both sides of the coin. Because of this, you shouldn't think that people who like this approach to learning are always being pessimists - instead, they are trying to be upfront and precise about what the problems they face are.

• Critical thinking will boost your intelligence in new ways
One of the best advantages of critical thinking is how you can begin to make connections between seemingly unrelated events. Although two things may not appear to have any relevance, there may be something being missed by all of your peers that you could detect quickly.

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