What Is The Least Used Letter In The English Language?


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You might think it was bound to be the letter x or z, but you would be wrong. The least used letter in the English language is in fact the letter Q. In the English language it is considered that whenever a word begins with Q a you should always follow. For example; queen, quiet, quaint. There are very few words in which q is not followed by you, and all but one have reached English from other languages:
Qadi - a Muslim judge
qanat - an irrigation channel
qasida - an Arabic or Persian poem
qawwal - a qawwali devotional singer
qawwali - Muslim devotional music
qibla - the direction towards Mecca
qigong - a Chinese system of physical exercises
qin - a Chinese musical instrument
qintar - a monetary unit of Albania
qwerty - the standard layout of typewriters and keyboards
tariqa - the Sufi method of spiritual learning
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Hit CTR+F and to a litter search of this page.  There are 4 Z's,  9 X's,  25 Q's, and  2 J's.

Indeed if you count the letters from the language you'd get Q. But as far as how much they are used,  J is the winner,  It is "Used" less then any other letter, Not in terms of how many words it is in, but how much it is actually used.
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Q deffinatly

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