When Should Capital Letters Be Used?


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  The main uses are as follows.  -To start a sentence or question  -To start a sentence/question in quotation marks, e.g.' J-I'm said, "It's time to go."'  -To indicate a proper noun (i.e. The name of a thing or person) as in:  Fido the dog  London  Microsoft  Susan  France  -For adjectives and verbs which relate to nationality or region, e.g. German, Liverpudlian, Americanise, Anglicise  For place names (including mountains, rivers etc) which have two or more words:  Regent Street  River Thames  Mount Everest  Bournemouth Station  -Titles of people and organisations. Examples are:  Mr Brown  Dr Edwards  St Mary  Conservative Party  Bell School of English  Countess of Wessex  -The main (content) words in book, film, newspaper titles etc:  Gone with the Wind..The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe  The News of the World  -Days and months (not seasons) (Thursday, January, summer)  -Compass points when relating to regions:  I live in the South-West  North Wales is very rainy.    

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