Are you a person who uses dirty language quite a bit?


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Skip Gentry answered

No, not really. I have to be super mad to start cussing.

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Woof Woofy answered

I try my best not too but it happens from time to time. 

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Didge Doo answered

Only when it's appropriate. Lots of jokes need strong language but that's OK if you use 'ph' instead of 'f'.

To be honest, it's a lazy way of speaking. There are better ways to get your ideas across.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Zack,

I love cursing but use it only occasionally...and never out of anger but more for fun, the incongruity of a little old gray-haired lady like me...

* * *

I have a theory that cursing as an art form really develops under duress of life-threatening.

So, the loggers when I was growing up in the Forties and earlier, also when I was learning Black English in San Francisco ghettos of the Sixties...many people there newly arrived from the Deep good friend could even do the most profound rhyme!

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Pepper pot answered

When I'm in the car, and some %&@/*" pulls out on me, cuts me up, or tail gates me.

If I stub my toe, or drop something on my foot

(which is a common occurrence things just like throwing themselves on to me).

Or when I bash my elbow or any body part (my spacial awareness isn't what it use to be).

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eptome zzzz answered

yes i am. But only when I am with my closest friends and when I am in an 'appropriate' situation to use dirty/ cuss words.

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Dear Eptome zzzz, looks like you are new to Blurt, and welcome!

If you feel comfortable and inclined, do sometime put a bit about yourself on your profile, as a way for folks to get to know you? We have many of the same folks coming here over various stretches of time, and we do get to know each other to some extent...
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
I gotta like your user name. It kinda translates as the epitome of sleep. Which, of course, is not to say you're going to be boring. :)
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Darik Majoren answered

Regarding "Swearing"  . . .

I guess it depends on my immediate peers . . . I try to abstain since I do not think it lends itself in "boosting" the intelligence of the conversation, but for use in upping the drama  . . . It has it's place.

"Over use" is showing a lack of real conversation skills and often appears to be a cry for attention.

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Matt Radiance answered

The most important is i just know how to use this form of language!

Normally of course not. There are many words to describe or transfer the concepts and communicate.

But generally here and there, i use some "F" words in form of strong expressions like: That  was "F-ing" amazing!

Also in some certain situations i can get on the roll yea!

John McCann Profile
John McCann answered


Much too much.

Everything hurts and low blood pressure incidents happen too frequently and I fully hate dialysis more than I can say.

But my will is made and my dog is provided for so, over cursing or not, I am fairly content.

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I don't blame you John ! I have a friend on dialysis and he hates and cusses like a sailor about it.
John McCann
John McCann commented
@Rooster Cogburn

I figure if I lost 30 IQ points that the crushing boredom of watching the same movies ( to keep eyes off clock,.. why they have visible clocks is beyond me! ) over and over again would be more bearable.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
John I cannot help but be glad for the dialysis...because it keeps you here with us.
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Nina Varganov answered

Only when it's appropriate, aka home and school :D

Honestly last year at school I tried to quit swearing cold turkey, and I failed 7 times D:

During the summer, I don't talk to people as much and am not as mad, so for a few weeks I unlearn my awful habit: It gives me a chance to not be the worst camp counselor ever. ;)

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Tom Jackson answered

Seldom, so when I do use them, the people around me know I have shifted to "intense" mode---whether in a negative or positive way.

I had a child psychology professor who once said that the high point of a 2 year old's day is a good "sh*t."

Sometimes the word is quite appropriate---"defecation" doesn't carry the same connotation.

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