what will be my math class in 9th grade, if in 8th grade i'm taking Foundations of Algebra?


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Maybe some form of advanced Algebra or Geometry? It probably depends on your state or whatever. Where I'm at, I took Pre-AP Algebra 1 in 8th grade, and now I'm in Pre-AP Geometry in 9th grade. You could choose to take it again, but usually that doesn't do much good.

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There are some 8th graders at my school who take Algebra 1.
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If it's not Pre-AP, then they can either take Pre-AP Algebra or regular Geometry in 9th grade. You may have to have teacher approval if you want Pre-AP Geometry.
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Here the order is :

Grade based math until 6th



Algebra 1


Algebra 2

And after there in my school we had choices between personal finance, statistics, and pre calculus

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