If a child fails all classes in the first semester in homeschool, then passes all their classes the second semester in public school, Will they pass 8th grade?


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Does anybody else see this as a commentary on the level of education achieved in public schools?  LOL

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Walt O'Reagun
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So ... K12 treats people as if they are responsible and don't need to be coddled ... much like the "real world" school is supposed to train you for?

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No, They are barely involved. You can't get stuff done or learn without an involved teacher, I'm sorry that's not how it works.
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It's called a "lab" class ... and are quite common at higher education. It requires the student to take control/responsibility for their learning - rather than relying on the teacher to "hold the hand" of every single student, all the time.

Public schools generally have the WORST education. Which is why America is ranked so low in terms of education among industrialized nations.
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From my own personal experience, yes. I live in Southern California, so I don't know about anywhere else.

My daughter missed 7th grade and half of 8th. She went to public school second semester of 8th grade, passed and continued on to 9th grade. We had her tutored privately to transition her back into school that first semester. She caught up in no time and the transition was painless.

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