Do u have to do home school at a certain hour?Or can you just do it whenever you want that day?Do you pay for home school?How much?How many days a week?What days a week?Do you need to buy the textbooks?Do you home school on the weekends?(I know it's a lot of questions i may start home school and i have a lot of questions)


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It all depends on how you want it set up. The doctors recommended me to be homeschooled because I had attention issues. We set up my classes (it was a video homeschool) for the mornings. Usually, I was done before most schools let out. You can set it up for whenever you want during the day, but some structure for homeschool is your friend later in life, like for college. Good luck!

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I home school my 8th grader. I have been home schooling her since 6th grade. As a mom it is one of the best things I have done for her. Instead of dealing with the crap of public schools, she is at home in peace and gets straight A's, is on the deans list, gets honor roll awards and is in the national junior honor society where hopefully it will set her up for some scholarships for college. I also have one child who graduated public school and I never was able to home school her. This will be my 4th graders last year of public school and my 2 year old will never be put in a public school. I will home school him right off the bat. For me and the program I found, it cost us nothing except for stuff like ink, paper, and internet. Other then that the school provides all the computer equipment, books she will need, art/music supplies, science equipment, maps for history, etc. This year they even provided P.E equipment! Next year we will return the desk top computer and they will send her a lap top cuz she will be in high school. For our program we choose to go to the "class connects." meaning she attends the class on line with her home school teacher. So she does have to attend at 9, 11, and 1:30 this year cuz they added a science teacher. So far this year she has not fallen behind so she doesn't need to do school work on the weekend. If you do have to do school on the weekend (like when we had a family emergency and had to leave state for a week) as her learning coach I had to log her time for the week so she would get credit but the school knows some students have to do school on the weekends. So far I have been VERY pleased with the school and program and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in home schooling. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to answer them for you. :0)

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My elder daughter is home schooled. Earlier I had also so much questions about home school and Online Homeschooling had cleared all the confusions. The Ogburn Online school provides online home schooling. My daughter is now entering in high school so I am thinking for online advanced courses, which are also provided by the school. I think you should visit and contact with the school so that you will able to take the better decision.

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