The word of the day is clusterbuck your definition??


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Dear Otis,

The male of the species, just hanging out together...primeval...

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Just the facts...only the facts.
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An old buck and a young buck were standing on a hill looking at some does in the valley below. The young buck said, "....
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Oh, I cannot seem to stop really DOES look like what they are doing...
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Urban Dictionary :

The phenomenon of arriving to meet someone at a Starbucks to realize shortly thereafter that they are, indeed at another nearby Starbucks.

"I was supposed to meet a blind date at the Starbucks on 10th and Piedmont, but she was at the 14th Street Starbucks the whole time and thought i stood her up. What a Clusterbuck!"

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Sir Alexander Clutterbuck (1897–1975), was a British diplomat, high commissioner to Canada and India and ambassador to Ireland.

Unfortunately Lady Clutterbuck was raised in the "close your eyes and think of England" era and her contribution to their connubial connection was corpse-like.

So Sir Alex, when in search of horizontal refreshment, found it with a wide variety of local women. Contraception was scarcely adequate in those days and, as a result, when he moved from posting to posting he left behind veritable clusterbucks of Clutterbucks.

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Dozy...I do in the world do you do it, these mini-masterpieces, day after day?
Anyway I loved it!
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Couldn't resist it, Virginia. Clutterbuck is such a funny name, and so British.

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