Todays word u define is timbuktoo?


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Tim was not a nice person. After assaulting a woman who fought back, he was sent to prison. When he got there he found out what it felt like to be assaulted and Timbuktoo.

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On the fringes of the Sahara desert,  just a day's march north of Mali, lived a nomadic tribe, known to their neighbours as Buks.They were impoverished and despised, and for centuries had envied their affluent southern neighbours.

Eventually their leader, Titus Buk, decided to invade Mali and take from their tormentors the wealth of alluvial gold, and ivory that nature had denied his people.

He and his brother Tim, led two raiding parties which took the Malis by surprise and completely routed them. The Malis fled, leaving the land to the invaders.

There, his now wealthy people built a great city in his honour. But they built one for Tim Buk too.

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