Todays word for u to define is meat market club??


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The baseball bat the butcher shop  keeps behind the counter in case they get robbed.

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Pole dancing clubs ! Another name for them too.

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The management of a shopping mall were concerned by the behaviour of three butcher's shops, located side by side in the mall. As each tried to out-sell their neighbours, the advertising posted on their windows became more and more bizarre.

Finally the mall manager called the owners to a meeting and advised them that in future they would be permitted to post only two words of advertising on their windows.

The shop on the left displayed, "Best Quality", the shop on the right wrote, "Lowest Prices" and the one in the middle just posted, "Main Entrance."


(They rewarded their customers by giving discounts to regulars and called the scheme a Meat Market Club.)

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Well this is what happens on Saturday nights at the Meat Market Club...

This is what happened on Friday nights.....

This is what happens on Thursday night...

This is what happened Friday Morning at the Meat Market Club

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