Is America Great Again, yet?


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That's a great question.

I've never really given much thought to that slogan.

It makes me wonder what period in time that the slogan refers to... The '50's ? The '60's ? The '70's and so forth. Now I wonder what certain period was so great,... So ideal.

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At this point I'd settle for Mediocrity . . .

So we're clear, it took a clear step DOWN when Trump won the presidency . . . . But lets be honest . . . Either candidate would be a step down.

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Just a step? I would characterize it more like tumbling down the rabbit hole.
But yes, neither choice would’ve given us real traction.
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I was hoping to see what Bernie might have done . . . I can't tell if it would have been a positive or negative impact . . . has to be better then Trump though.

I used "Step" as a cushion for those few Trump Supporters on here . . . My attempt at Political Correctness?
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Great to what??

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History will repeat itself, were living in the last days before the second coming of Christ , I don't push no religion on no one but i believe we've been living in the last days. People said, that the guy who wrote the stuff in Bible didn't know what he was saying . But i believe we are.

That Presidential election in the United States made me so scared cause no one wanted Donald Trump and all the hate he has said and no one wanted Hillary Clinton who was under investigation with the FBI for them emails and other stuff no one wanted her.

What happened all the Bernie Sanders voters switched to vote for Donald Trump and no one wanted Hillary Clinton so the angry Democrats voted for Donald Trump instead so yes we are living in the last days for sure. I'm scared what the next 3 years will bring us.

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Call me Z
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People have been making this claim for over a thousand years. They all have, without fail, been wrong.

Might I offer you this thought:
Trump’s rise is a symptom of the real problem. Americans are angry, they demand change and yet they are lazy and poorly informed. They don’t do the homework, they swallow the MSM nonsense, and they feed on devisiveness. It’s a product if our (now) failing culture.

Take heart, the earth takes no heed of our political and social machinations.

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