What Is Prime America?


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Prime America is an annuity fund scheme. It has been launched by Most Choice. According to the annuity information which has been provided by the company in its brochure, the current annuity rates are far higher than the current rates of CD and other benefits.

These other benefits also include the income which is tax-deferred. Interested parties can avail of a free annuity guide and consultation with an annuity expert who works in the same area as the one in which you live or work. People need not worry about the security of the information which they provide to the annuity expert, as the company assures its potential clients that their information will be kept absolutely confidential.

These are annuity experts who represent Prime America Annuities and make a strong case for potential clients to opt for Prime America Annuities by telling them about the annuity schemes which have been launched by the company.

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