what different ideas does the devil suggest for how the money should be used? What is Tom's response to each?


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Wine, women and song!  Old hippie Tom hadn't had a woman look at him in years, so he was all like:

And that's what you get, when you don't provide the title of the story! :)

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The only "Devil" is but a metaphor used to describe impulses we humans have which may be considered a "Vice" . . . Or less acceptable action in society.

Vices can be sexual, or recreational drug based, or even an over indulgence of libations. While some cultures would consider them inappropriate, history would prove that man WILL give in to impulsive indulgences regardless of cultural or societal acceptance . . . What you do privately that does not affect another's liberty is all good.

So if "Giving" make you happy, is that attributed to a different entity?

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Pride and status


Charity? or  opulence?

Wrath, greed, 

Consumerism, gluttony, sloth, vanity, pride, and greed

Gambling, Greed



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