What is a good thesis statement for the essay the devil and tom walker?


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Karl Sagan answered

Hi, you know, I had another thesis topic and I can't find anything good for your topic. I think you are able to do it yourself but don't be afraid to fail. It happens to anyone. You can always rely on australian assignment help and get it whenever you need it. Personally, I am so grateful for this opportunity!

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Merlin Paine answered
A thesis statement must include the man point your essay is going to make about the Devil and Tom Walker. No one can give you a thesis statement without knowing this. If you are asking what would be a good topic to right about the Devil and Tom Walker then I cannot help you, because I am not familiar with the story .Be creative and I am sure you will come up with something. Ask yourself what intrigued you the most about the story. What was its most interesting aspect. As you see it.

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