Parents Exercise Too Much Control Over Children Write An Essay For Or Against This Statement?


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The child is eventually must turn over to the guardian to manage, but must look how you do go to the tube, could not loose not be able to be too tight. Because the child in most starts anything not to understand, wants the guardian to teach, the guardian is the child's first teacher. If he has makes the mistake anything, also do not go to beat and scold and to blame him, what are many wants the persuasive education, must use the reason the method. Must come up the support toward his interest hobby and the reference. If he has some kind of interest hobby guardian not to support, also does not understand, guardian on many accumulates this aspect the knowledge, is like this only then good to the child refers to the road, met difficultly has been possible to help the understanding. For instance the child accesses the net, many guardians do not permit, thought that the surfer can affect child's study, the guardian does not understand, the child is very easy to cheat guardian this is the very good study tool. But, if the guardian knew that accesses the net this thing advantages, may the correct guidance child access the net time and method, also played has also studied. Simultaneously also promoted two generation of between distances, lets between the guardian and the child not that kind " the distance ". Will reduce two generations of between that kind of so-called generation gap, may very good and between the child has the common language, might communicate. In brief, must guide the time which and the method correctly the child studies, does not want blind Yan Guan, suitable time gives the child own space.

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