What Is A Thesis Statement For Gun Control?


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The thesis states the main argument of your paper. It could read something like: Gun control is necessary for a safe society. Then, you paper supports all the reasons why you believe this to be true (compare Detroit to the city in Canada that lies just north of it, for example. They are separated by a body of water and the former is one of the most violent cities in the world and in the latter, citizens sleep without locking their doors at night). Every argument you make in your paper MUST relate directly to the thesis, so it is OK if you revise it after you have begun writing.
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You know, the gun control topic is very relevant in modern society. Personally, I have a gun but I am a hunter. That's my hobby and I really enjoy it. I like to hunt in the night using night vision goggles from this site and I had never had problems with the law.

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Hahaha I am writing a paper on gun control right now! Mine is. . . . The government can not enforce gun control because it violates rights given by the U.S. Constitution. But you can have a 3 point thesis and add 2 other reasons why the gov't can't enforce gun control(: Hope that helps!

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