As a child were you afraid of Santa?


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Oh heck no!!! I loved Santa! I mourned for a year when I found out there was no.... Oh I can't say it!

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Not that I remember. Actually I remember my parents trying to find one on a school day before we moved. When I wad 8 we moved from NY to FL 2 weeks before Christmas. I was afraid he wouldn't be abke to find us, so I  had to see him and let him know.

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No. I wanted to tell him what I wanted for Christmas.

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No ... But as an adult, I am.
After all, he has the most extensive spy network ... All under the control of one man, who believes he has the authority to judge who is good or bad and the ability to access any area no matter how secure.  There is nothing stopping him from assassinating anyone he deems "bad" ... Or accessing the nuclear weapons of any nation, for that matter.

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I agree with yo wanna. I was never afraid of him and for years I resented my parents for trying to make me believe. I was heartbroken.

My daughter has always know the Biblical meaning of Christmas.

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