Do you think kids are starting school to soon? and should go back in September?


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Yin And Yang answered

Yes I think so. But then that means thanksgiving, Christmas and spring vacations get cut short again to. Ugh!

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PJ Stein answered

I think they need to a year round schedule. Instead of taking one long break over summer,  I think having a couple of weeks off each season would be better. Say two weeks for Christmas, two weeks in spring and two in summer and two weeks in fall. Studies have shown by taking such a long time off over summer means you have to spend the first few weeks of the school year refreshing what the students learned the year before. Shorter breaks more often, kids will not need weeks just to remember and can learn the next lesson more readily, and students feel more confident.

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LighterMan Down answered

No going back in August or September is okay

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Toni Pauze answered

I don’t think they go back too early. Maybe they need to stay in school all year. Maybe then they might learn something.  A large majority of our kids aren’t learning now.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

Yes i think school year should be from Sept thru May like the old days i believe they place too much schooling on youths of today heck High school starts early in morning . I say cut the school days or make it mandatory that they start classes later cause i believe they place too much pressure on our youths of today. In Pennsylvania our schools start early in the morning and they have lot classes to attend and lot of homework and less school work done in school where it should be done not home where moms and dads are spent the whole evening helping the kids to get their homework lessons . I say education in the USA needs reformed and the only way that will be done if we get a US President who will give a darn for our kids and not all about money. 

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