Do You Think We Should Have Prayer Back In School?


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Yes prayer would be very good if we have it back into the school systems.
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Some schools still allow prayer. But yes I think that they never should have banned it from others. I think that prayer should still be allowed. But you can always say a silent prayer in class. No one has to know about it. That's what's great about a prayer. It's that you can do it anywhere and any time
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We have the freedom of religon in this country, so that means kids should have the right to pray in school.
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I believe that if we raise our children with Godly beliefs, there is no stopping them from prayer. Just cause they can't do it as a group/class, does not mean they can't do it.
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I think that should be for the students to decide.... A moment of silence gives them a way to choose for themselves weather it's used for cramming for the test or prayer is up to them....
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Yes, it is important to gender the discipline of praying to God in schools but even more importantly in households by having family worship.
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Absolutely yes. And the students who do pray should have the option of whether they want to or not. I don't think it should be a scheduled program, because the non-believers shouldn't have to pray if its against their will. But, I think prayer should definitely allowed to those who desire to do so. That is completely unfair to say kids shouldn't be allowed to pray according to their own religion. This is a free country, and for some twisted reason, Obama now hardly allows the words Jesus, God, and anything to do with them to be uttered in public, let alone schools. And yet, Obama allows people to worship fake idols such as Buddha, and praise the 'gods' in complete public. I truly believe that students would possibly be suspended or punished for saying God's name or praying to him. It's a free country, people! It's absolutely wrong to not allow students to worship as they please, and I truly believe with all my heart that prayer should be allowed back in school.
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Absolutely not. By requiring (or allowing it to be required) would be a severe violation of church and state. Freedom of Religion means you have the freedom to choose YOUR religion, not choose for others what religion should be followed. If christians ever heard of mandatory periods for prayer at Dhuhr and 'Asr, students being called to prayer by adhan, or any other non-christian prayer activity  during the school day there would be uproars. 

If you want mindless, psychotic murmuring to an ultimate being, send your kid to private school.

Remember, talking to beings in your head is regarded as mental instability. Unless, you are religious.

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Casey Pemberton
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Separation of church and state was a myth derived from one of Thomas Jefferson s letters and also it is not mindless look at the statistics kids had greater scores and where better people when bible reading and prayer was in school
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Yes if you look at the statistics prayer helped kids sometimes it was the only way the would hear about god after it was taken out kids were getting lower test scores and where having higher rates of teen pregnancies and std s

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