How to learn English effectively?


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We can learn English for many years and still do not know anything. There is a huge difference between learning and teaching. We can divide the English language into two parts, namely reading and listening (input) and writing and speaking (output). Of course, to be able to write and speak well, you must be able to read and listen with understanding first. Think about how long the child listened before talking. Of course, you do not have to wait two years to start talking. However, you must know that the more you listen and read, the better you will speak and write.

Learn at least five new words each day. I suggest using sticky notes on which the English word will be on one side and its translation will be on the other. Store the cards in the box and browse frequently.  By learning five words a day, you learn 1825 words a year. You must know that the average student knows about 5-6 thousand words. After a few years your vocabulary will be so rich that you will understand almost everything from every text you read.

Listen to radio broadcasts. The purpose of listening to English is to hear as many words as possible in the shortest possible time. The more times you hear a word, the easier it will be to use it in practice. There is no more effective method than listening to the radio. On the radio, vocabulary is very diverse and besides, there is no vision on the radio so there are practically no interruptions in speaking (as it happens on television). The key is to listen to the radio as often as possible. You can do this while cooking, eating, dressing etc. If possible, listen to the radio also to sleep and set it as an alarm clock so that the first words that fall into your ears in the morning are English words.

Write at least 500 words a day. Through everyday writing, you will remember the words you learned better. This action will also force you to reflect on what you are writing. You can write what you want, but try to use new words and grammatical structures over time.

Read aloud. Loud reading will help you improve your speaking skills. This is the best exercise. Frequent reading will improve your grammar because, unlike normal conversation, you will not make mistakes. Repeating the same mistakes makes it later difficult for us to learn to speak correctly. When you read aloud, you also use words that you would normally not use during a conversation.

During an hour's talk you will speak with errors for about 30 minutes - during an hour of reading you speak correctly for 60 minutes.

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You have to deal with good teachers.

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