How to Teach Kids Mandarin Chinese at Home?


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How can I introduce the Chinese language to my child?  Is it possible to teach kids Mandarin Chinese myself if I don’t speak the language, and am a non-native speaker?  Yes it is possible!

Are you looking for the best place to learn Chinese for children? Perhaps your kids are studying in an international school and need some help with their Chinese classes. Or maybe you just want your children to learn the basics and improve their Chinese language skills. Either way, we have the best solution for your kid’s Chinese lessons! We also can easily customize your kid’s Chinese classes according to your requirements.

No time to take your children to a Chinese school? You don’t need to spend more time on travelling and waiting – simply turn on your computer to meet our professional Chinese teachers online.

My daughter, Summer has been taking Chinese lessons online after school with Lingo Bus for 14 months. Before we signed her up, we were nervous that she wouldn’t like the lessons and want to quit because it’s very difficult to teach and to learn when taking online Chinese classes – especially for kids!

We have been happily surprised! Summer looks forward to her lessons each week after school! And she has learned so much Chinese. The lessons are fun and informative! The teacher is always prepared with a fun and instructive lesson! She relates very well with children and that’s why Summer looks forward to her Chinese lessons each week!

Be playful, smile, and remember that every little step counts!

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Hire a Chink to teach them!

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