What Does Okeechobee Mean?


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Okeechobee has its origin in Hitchiti language. This language was spoken by the Hitchiti tribe. The people lived in Hitchiti town near the Chattahoochee River. This language was called 'woman's talk or female language'. The word Okeechobee is formed of two words: Oki and chobee or chubi. The first word 'oki' means water and 'chubi' means big. Thus, literal meaning of the word Okeechobee means 'big water.'    The name 'okeechobee' was also called Macaco and Mayaimi. The city of Miami in Florida derived its name from the name Mayaimi. The word Mayaimi also means 'big water'. The fourth largest lake in the United States of America is also named Okeechobee.  It is a freshwater lake in the U.S. State of Florida. It covers an area of 730 square miles.

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