How Can I Get Material For Spoken English?


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You can get English spoken material online from the internet. I am providing you with a few web links for getting the material online.
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Thanks for providing the links. I'm a teacher. I teach spoken English for primary classes in a Government School. I couldn't find any relevant book on spoken English for primary. I would be grateful if you guys refer any book.
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You can watch the following link you find it useful then contact them. They will give you the details how to buy study material. They sell VCDs.
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Because I improve english spoken
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I m lecturer in English in a private school I can easily speak fluently but now I'm to teach small kids in summer classes so I'd like to know what n how to teach them firstly, n from where can I get material for it? Would you suggest me, I'll highly grateful to you.
Hrishikesh Sharma

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