What Does Snuff The Candle Mean?


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The phrase 'snuff the candle' means to put out the flame of a candle. This is typically done by extinguishing by or extinguishing as if by using a candle snuffer. The phrase is frequently used with 'out'. The snuff is the charred part of a candlewick. As a transitive verb snuffing means cutting off this portion.

There are different accessories to help one snuff out a candle. There is the traditional bell snuffer or a wick dipper.

The phrase comes from the phrase 'snuff out', which means putting an end to; or simply to kill. It is used as a synonym for the term extinguish. It also means putting out, used of fires, lights or flames. In this sense of the term synonyms would include the terms blow out, quench or extinguish.
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Actually, the phrase "snuff the candle" means to trim the wick, that is, to cut off the burnt part of the wick. This helps prevent the candle from smoking too much. There is a difference between "to snuff a candle" and to "snuff out a candle". Snuffing out a candle does mean to extinguish the flame, snuffing the candle does not. Therefore, one can snuff a candle and then extinguish it without being redundant.

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