What Is The Angle Between The Minute Hand And The Hour Hand At 3:15 On An Analogue Clock?


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7.5 degrees .

All of you should understand the fact the hour hand doesnt stand at exact 3 when the time is 3:15 where as the minute hand does . Hence there has to be an agle between the two. Since the hour hand moves 30 degree from its initial position in one hour , it moves 7.5 degrees in 15 minutes (30/4)

Hence 7.5

The formula to calculate the angle between the minute hand and hour hand at the specified time a clock is

Abhishek Karal
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7.5 degrees.  
The minute hand will be at the "3" and the hour hand will be 1/4 of the way between "3" and "4".  There are 90 degrees between "3" and "6" and thus there are 30 degrees between "3" and "4".  Since the hour hand has only travelled 1/4 of the distance between "3" and "4", then the hour hand has travelled 1/4 of 30 degrees, or 7.5 degrees.
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At 3 O'clock the M.H is at 12, and the H.H is at 3.  But at 3.15, the M.H come has moved a 15 minute spaces from 12, therby making the H.H to move a specific minute space.  This clearly shows that the HH and the MH are not conciding at 3.15, which indicates that the HH has subtended a specific angle with the MH.  
For HH, 60 minutes or 1 hour=>30 minute spaces movement, thus in 15 minutes, it will move
(15/60)*30 minute spaces, ie. 0.25*30=7.5 minute spaces.

And I minute space=1 degree.

Therefore, the angle between the HH and the MH when the clock strikes 3.15 is 7.5 degress

Jit Kumar Khuraijam
The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand is 360 degrees.
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The whole clock has an angle of 360 degrees

3:15 is on the same part so the angle is either 0 degrees or 360 degrees depending

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