Why Is English Important To Work With In A Multinational Company And Is A Person Nothing Without English?


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The reason most multinational companies ask their employees to speak English is because English is the language most used for international trade at the moment. It isn't the most spoken language in the world (in fact it is third, after Mandarin Chinese and Hindi) but it has the largest number of secondary speakers, ie people who have learned English at school or elsewhere as a second language.

The reasons for this are historical. First the Britsh Empire, and then the dominance of the US, imposed English as a second language on many people in the past. When a language has reached this position, it may stay there for many years (eg, Latin was still spoken all over Europe for centuries after the end of the Roman Empire.)

However, the dominance of English may become less in future. Spanish (the world's 4th language) is growing in importance, and as China becomes more powerful, more people are learning Mandarin (it will soon be on the UK curriculum, for example.)

As for being "nothing without English", of course not! Foreign languages are just a useful skill, like using a computer or driving a car -they don't change you as a person.

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