When And Where Do The Aborigines Come From?


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The most likely answer is that the Aborigines came from Asia, probably the south. They reached the coast of New Guinea by boat, but may have managed the further journeys to Tasmania and Australia more easily, as the lower sea levels created land bridges. This happened long before recorded history begins; at least 40,000 years ago, possibly 50, 000 years or more.

The people who became known as the Australian Aborigines were hunter-gatherers. They had already domesticated wild dogs and brought some of these (dingoes) with them. The boomerang must have developed after the migration, as it isn't found in Asia. Both the dingoes and the boomerang helped them to hunt for food; at first in the coastal areas, and then further inland as the sea levels rose.

When the first European settlers arrived in the 17th century, they found the Aborigines still living much as they had done for thousands of years.
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The aboriginal people come from australia
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The aborigines actually came from Sri-lanka and migrated to 'Australia'. Australia used to be rainforest but because of the aborigines it's dry land.

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