Who Produced The First Standardized, Intelligence Tests In The US?


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Henry Herbert Goddard, a Quaker school teacher and psychologist, produced the first American standardized intelligence and aptitude tests in 1910 and invented the term IQ, or intelligence quotient. These tests were first used in US public schools in 1911and helped Goddard and others categorize people as "feeble-minded," based on low IQ test results.

Goddard had, in a sense, simply imported standardized tests developed in France by Alfred Binet and began urging US hospitals, schools and courtrooms to use them.

According to Goddard, feeble-mindedness resulted from both genetic and inherited factors, as well as due to the environment children grew up in. The most important factor, however, was what Goddard called "feeble inheritance." In 1904, 150,000 Americans were classified as feeble-minded.

Goddard's most famous study was a 1912 monograph called "The Kallikak Family," in which the psychologist aimed to study the history of specific, troubled family, namely Deborah Kallikak and her relatives, in order to determine what caused feeble-mindedness.
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Goddard did not invent any intelligence test. He *translated* Alfred Binet's test from French into English, first doing so in 1908, though the 1910 version is better known. He also did not invent the term IQ, nor did he use it with respect to his translation of the Binet test. Binet used the *difference* between the mental and chronological age. It was a German psychologist named William Stern who thought that *dividing* the MA by the CA would be more useful. In America, this method was first used by Stanford psychologist Lewis Terman, who revised and expanded the Binet test (usually known as the Stanford-Binet).

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