What Did You Learn From Your Writing Experience During This Class?


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To answer this, you will have to use some reflective thinking. This means, you need to think about what you did during the class and how it might have helped you in some way.

You might have learned a new writing technique, or perhaps you found out that you have a knack for comedic writing – even the smallest accomplishment moulds you as a writer.

If you didn’t learn anything technical, don’t despair – focus on what you learned as a person. If the class was nothing but a frustrating, mentally taxing ordeal, comment on how it taught you patience.

Writers need buckets of patience if they plan on getting anywhere in the field.

Before you begin the essay (or whatever piece it is you are trying to write), jot down a variety of words. Make them emotive and descriptive of your writing experience. Once you sit down to write the piece, this will give you a wealth of ideas from which to draw.

You can learn a lot about yourself as a write by reflecting on each writing experience and each one can help you become better than you were the day before. Keep at it.

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