Is It True That Not All Universities Accept Only Neco Results?


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All universities do accept NECO results and certificates. NECO or National Examinations council is an examination board set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria. NECO had its 1st test of SSC examinations on May 2000.

If the Federal Government of Nigeria recognizes NECO, then it goes without question that NECO certificates and NECO scores will be acceptable nationally and internationally. There was a few resistance from few quarters especially from vice chancellors initially who felt that they would not be able to accept NECO certificates for admission into their universities for degree programmes. However the Minister of Education, Professor Tunde Adeniran has laid those doubts to rest when he said that vice-chancellors do not have the right to decide which certificate to accept and which one to reject. The NECO marks and certificates are recognized for further education as well as employment.
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Why would any one not accept a national certificate from a country like nigeria that would be ridiculous!

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