How Do You Prepare For A Group Discussion?


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The best way to be prepared for a group discussion is of course to know the topic thoroughly. It's also crucial that you build up your self-confidence. It's a lot harder to speak up in a group than with just one person. It takes a lot of confidence but remember your opinion is as valid as anyone else's.
Another practical suggestion is to arm yourself with a list of questions that might come up. Write these beforehand and they'll make you feel better prepared.
Depending on the group, design your points accordingly, for example, if it's a business meeting or a therapy group or an academic tutorial, what is required for each will naturally be quite different. For the first, keep your points short and sharp,
for the second, be ready to open up about your personal feelings and for the last, make sure you have references and text evidence to back up any points you raise.
Finally, choose your moment to break into the discussion but don't hold back too much either . Timing is everything.
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If you are going to make a presentation to the group, however simple, you need to think about how much time you have, what your topic is and what materials or equipment you will need. Will you need to make photocopies or use equipment such as powerpoint? If so, give yourself lots of time. Think how much time you should need, and double it.

Make notes of the key things you want to mention - again, do this early. You may need to look for information, check facts etc. Don't write out a talk, just key words - and it's best to practise at home before the meeting. Have a look at the time as well -yoy don't want to talk too much or too little.

On the day, have your papers etc ready at the start - if you have to look for them with everyone watching, it could make you nervous. Then you just start, say your piece and be ready to answer questions. A few deep breaths will help if you feel tense. Good luck!
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When preparing for a group discussion, be sure that you know your topic. Making sure that you are very familiar with whatever is being discussed is the first and most important step. A sound knowledge of the topic will enable you to make informed contributions to the discussion. Jot down some thoughts that you have about the topic, so that you don't forget them when it is time to discuss!

However, before you form your opinions on the topic too firmly, you should remember that part of good discussion is being open. Suspend your judgements of a topic until you have listened to what other members of the group have to say. A good way to do this is to empty your mind of preformed opinions about the topic or about those in the group. This will help you to listen, which is integral to a good group discussion.
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You must be very dedicated to the topic which you are gong to speak

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