How Do You Write A Discussion In A Thesis?


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The discussion portion of a thesis typically centres on what the results you have gotten mean to you and more importantly why? Remember that a strong thesis actually justifies discussion. You need to ensure the thesis indicates the point of the discussion.

The discussion should be a summary of the principal results. Think about the major patterns you find in the observations. Look for relationships, generalizations as well as trends among the results as well as their exceptions. Talk about the most likely causes which are found underlying the patterns resulting in the predictions. There are a host of other questions you should deal with such as does it agree or perhaps contradict previous work? Talk about implications and possibilities.

Remember to add evidence or even a line of reasoning which supports each interpretation. It might be helpful to break up this particular section into different logical segments with the help of subheadings.
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Well I know when it comes to write the discussion and result part in thesis, it is quite confusing. Let me share some tips which were been told to me by my instructor while I was writing my thesis.

You should jot down the important points been mentioned in your thesis so that you can put them in your discussion part.

Write your interpretations and future recommendations in that part but don't forget to mention the reasoning with that.

While I was doing my research my instructor recommended me two sites that helped me a lot in completing my research in a correct manner, these were

or else you can even consult some professional research analyst get more details.

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