Where Could I Find A Female Classmate From Middle School? I Know That She Is Married And I Ahve Tried Everything To Find Her?


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Taylor Edgar answered
You don't say which country you are in, but you could try a site such as Friends Reunited which lets users search for old school friends who have drifted out of touch.

There are many similar sites springing up all the time. If you do find a match, there is usually a subscription fee to join and be put in touch with your old school chum.

Since your friend has married, these type of school reunion sites are your best bet as users list themselves under their maiden names. This assumes, of course, your friend changed her name, taking either her husband's surname or combining them into a double-barrelled surname which is quite fashionable. Female doctors, meanwhile, normally retain their maiden name for professional reasons.

You could also try a people finder web site, but the information you have is probably too sketchy to be of much assistance.

Another tack to try is to contact your old school to check whether anyone has suggested a reunion.

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