What Is 1/3 As A Percent?


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1 divided by 3  = 1/3 = 33% or 0.33333333333...  :)
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1/3 = (1/3)*100% = (100/3)% = 33 1/3%
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I see in your profile that you were born in 1994.  That makes you 15 years old, and puts you in about the 10th grade.  Am I right so far??

The answer is 33% or expressed as a decimal .33

You should have learned this about 5 years ago.  Did you sleep through 5th grade arithmetic??  Did you sleep through every math class between then and now??  Maybe you thought you didn't *have* to learn this, because you would never need to know how much 1/3 was when expressed as a percentage or as a decimal.  Well, let me tell you something.

I do this in grocery stores and delis a lot, and I've done it all over the country.  I will go up to the deli counter, point to something like cole slaw, and say "Give me a third of a pound of that."  Without fail - Yes, not one deli clerk in any store anywhere in the country - has ever known what to do.  That clerk has to go find a manager or another co-worker to get the answer.  Or I will take pity on the poor clerk and give the answer.  Scales in grocery stores are digital...they read out in decimal values.  The clerks know that 1/4 of a pound is .25 and 1/2 pound is .50 because the manager taught them that when they were hired, because these are the most common amounts customers ask for.  But it's not a store manager's job to teach such basic arithmetic.  It is the job of the *Teachers* to teach this!!  And it is obvious to me that the teachers aren't doing the job.

And it is the digital scale that causes this, because the scale does all the thinking for the store clerks.  They enter in the price per pound, and the scale completes the calculation and prints the UPC label.  But that's only if the customer doesn't say a specific weight to measure.  When I say 1/3 of a pound, the clerk needs to know that 1/3 is .33 on the digital scale.  And again, you learn that somewhere around 5th grade.  Why didn't you??

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Could you *POSSIBLY* be a little more rude? Why do you even bother bringing down the people who learn mathematics methods slower than others? You need to HELP those people, not make them feel worse about it. Shame on you. Maybe he didn't sleep through it. Maybe he just had a hard time with the mathematics subject overall and did much better in ANOTHER subject. Ever thought about that?
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That was a 4 year old question and a 4 year old answer. Things were different in here then.....

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