How Many Tablespoons Equal 20 Grams?


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Answering the question, "how many tablespoons equal 20 grams?" can be a little tricky - this is primarily because grams are an indicator of weight, and teaspoons actually indicate the volume of matter. If you're converting 20 grams of water to tablespoons, you can assume each tablespoon weighs approximately 5 grams - therefore, 20 grams of H20 would equal four tablespoons of liquid. However, every tablespoon may hold a slightly different volume - for this reason, it's very difficult to get a precision measurement conversion from volume to weight.

To get a perfect measurement that you can rely on, you'll need to figure out how to weigh fluids or solids transferred from tablespoons to a kitchen scale that measures weight in grams. This is obviously going to be harder when you deal with liquids, which must be placed inside something in order to be measured. However, by weighing a container beforehand, and subtracting its amount (in grams) from your total fluid weight, you can get a fairly accurate conversion weight. Experiment until you achieve a weight of 20 grams of solid or liquid, and make a note of how many tablespoons it took to get that result - then you'll know exactly how many tablespoons equal 20 grams. In general, 4  tablespoons will be quite close to 20 grams, depending on the weight of the substance filling up the tablespoons.

Learning how to measure and weigh food products, and other substances can help you understand the complexities of converting measurements for recipes or other purposes. Knowing that grams measure weight, while tablespoons measure volume, is an important fact you'll need to keep in mind while you're learning. Once you've gotten more familiar with converting measurements, you may develop a "sixth sense" about how to convert substances within a certain ballpark figure. Your educated guesses will help you to create great recipes or make substances in your own home.
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2 tablespoons

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