Can I Make Papier Mache With Flour, Salt And Water?


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donna jackson answered
Yes, you can use flour salt and water, but the essential ingredient is torn up strips of newspaper, the strips should be torn into quite thin strips to help them stick. The flour glue should be mixed quite thick, and left to stand awhile, to get gooey, mix it up again and plaster it on with a thick paintbrush.
Work in stages, building up slowly, letting the stages dry, or it might all collapse in a soggy heap.
If you are planning to make a rather large structure, you should first make a light wire frame, using the lightest wire
you can find that will still hold its shape. Make the outline, then another, and wire them 20 cms apart, to create a three dimensional base, to stick the papier mache on to.
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Paul Meier answered
Check out (my sister's website) for some really cool papier mache! And she makes it just as is described above. I do some too, but not as well as she does. I use old hangers for frames. Have fun.

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