What Are The Features Of A Supermarket?


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A supermarket has many useful features to help with your shopping. Some of these include:

• Everything you need under one roof
• Fresh and frozen items
• Easy to navigate around
• Car parking

Supermarkets are very useful when it comes to shopping, as everything that a family may need is situated under one roof. Any food that is required is sold in supermarkets, whether it is fresh or frozen. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish can be purchased from the same shop, and at the same time people can also purchase clothes, drinks, and even entertainment items such as CDs and DVDs.

The items for sale in supermarkets are placed on the shelves, in the aisles, in a simple way, so that people can find the things they want to purchase. The variety of goods available is huge, so people have more choice in a supermarket than they would in a corner shop or newsagent.

Car parking is available at most supermarkets, and is normally free. When traveling to individual shops for food it is difficult to park and you will have to pay in most places.
Because of the amount of stock that is purchased and sold by supermarkets, it is possible for supermarkets to have offers on most of the time. Some items are reduced, whilst others are available on a buy one get one free basis.

Supermarkets are laid out in a certain way, according to their brand. Everything in the supermarket is uniform, and colors are the same throughout, even to the extent of own brand goods that the supermarkets sell.

Staff members in the supermarkets are required to wear the corporate colors and the uniform worn is the same for everyone who works at the store, with name badges and position clearly on view for the public to see.

All supermarkets have a customer service desk, where complaints and returned goods are dealt with.
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Supermarket is a shop which is very large and where you can buy any thing from the smallest needle to a TV and a Computer.
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Supermarket is a place, where you get stuff for your household and that includes everything needed at home. People go and buy stuff they need, like vegetables, fruits and spices.

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