In A Dissertation How Do You Cite A Figure Taken From Another Source?


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You include the words "Figure reprinted from", or, if you have added significant elements to it, "Figure adapted from", followed by a proper bibliographic reference to the original source.

It is good practice to ask for permission from the original authors to reproduce their figures in your thesis. (Especially if they are on the jury that evaluates your thesis).
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Well, I believe this depends on the referencing style you should use. And the best guide to this is the one from For example, in Chicago style, this looks like this:

Fig. 1. Alice Neel, Nancy and the Rubber Plant. 1995, Oil on canvas, 203.2 x 91.4 cm. The Estate of Alice Neel. From: Ann Temkin et al. Alice Neel. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2000. Plate 64.

While in APA like this:

Fig. 1. Neel, Alice (1975) Nancy and the Rubber Plant, [painting], oil on canvas, 203.4 x 91.4 cm. From Alice Neel (pg. 144), by Ann Temkin et al., 2000, New York: Harry N. Abrams.

Still, referencing will also depend on what type of figure you want to cite. Actually, the blog entry at about dissertation format may be useful to you as well. All in all, referencing is kind of tricky. But I don't think you will have lots of problems with it.

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Choose your research topic carefully.

Check what's required of you.

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Continue to question.

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Enjoy the achievement.

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