What Are Effects Of Colors In Our Daily Life?


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Research has proved that different colors which we used to seeing our daily life has different effects on us.
They may be good or may be bad.Let's see the effects of colour son our lives.
RED colour:
The sign of love basically.But it can affect your life in a very positive way.
It excites you n make you feel warm.The people who feel excessive cold in winter if they use red curtain in their homes colors which can decrease this feeling.
Further for the healing of wounds it is a very miraculous cure.If your wounds are not healing then try to wear red dress for most of the time until your wounds heal up.N you ll see it will not only lessen your pain but also cause the wounds to heal up soon.
The most important use of red colour is to increase your will power.The patients suffering dangerous diseases should also use red curtains in their rooms,this color makes them excited n increases will power.

The sign of piety.This color increase your sight.If you used to have adaily look on this color early in the morning itmakes you feel fresh for the whole day.Further your eye sight ll never be damaged.
This soft color has a soothing effect on your nerves.Latest research has proved that mentally retarded people which are mostly impredictable shoul be kept in a vicinity having pink color as a dominant color.
This color will keep them relax.Also their sudden behaviours can be controled by this color.

This color relaxes the mind.In fact this is the sign of depth.Mostly when you r sad this color relaxes you.For trial just look at blue skyeither in the early morning or late in nite when moon is their to give the sky navy blue shade.you ll feel urself relax.
This bright colorenhances the appetite.If the babies rabstemious then you can make them play with orange toys you ll seethis really works.So orange color is a good cure in this case.
This color is the sign of friendship.Yellow color cures the spiritual deseases.This cures the disease of hatred.People which have loose temperament should sniff yellow flowers or they should look at them off n on.(Particularly those people jo ghusse main pathan ban jatay hain.)

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