How Do You Divide A Circle Into 6 Equal Parts?


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It's been a while, but isn't the length of the radius the same as the distance between each of the six points to be marked on the circumference of the circle. All you need is a compass and straight edge, draw a circle, move the centre pointer to the circle(circumference) line without changing the distance between pointer and marker (radius) and mark the next point on the circle with the compass. Then move the point to the mark just made and repeat until you have six evenly spaced marks on the circle. Now draw lines from each mark to the centre of the circle.
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How do I explain to my students that thecradius of a circle divides its circumference into 6 equal parts?

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Each side of an inscribed regular hexagon is equal in length to the radius. Mark off points around the circle that are a distance apart equal to the radius.
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The angle of a straight line is always 180o. Similarly, the angle of a circle is 360o. So, to divide a circle into 6 equal parts, we have to keep this in mind.

First, draw the diameter of the circle by drawing a line across the center of the circle from one end to the other. Then, make three segments from it by making three 60o angles (60 + 60 + 60 = 180).
Then do the same for the other side of the diameter so that the total angle of this side is also 180o. Thus, all your segments are equal as they have the same lengths and the same angles and the sum total of the angles around the center of the circle is 360o (180 + 180 = 360).

You would need a compass to draw the circle, a ruler to make a straight line across the center (the diameter) and a protractor to measure out the angles.

Hope this helps you!
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Draw a line cross the center ( the first line), measure half of the radius from the center on both side of the center point, then use a ruler to project a perpendicular line to the first line and mark two inter-cross points on the circle. Repeat the last step and mark other two points. Connect these marks to the center and you have six equal parts of a circle with one ruler.
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I believe if you take a compass and set it for the distance from the center to the edge (radius) then move it to the arc and plant the point then draw a line with it in both ways to cross the arc then move to that spot and repeat it a few times you will end up with 6 equal pieces like a daisy petal or atom sybol shape if that makes sense.

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