How To Evaluate A Curriculum?


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Please send me a curriculum checklist
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A curriculum can be qualitatively evaluated by the anticipated results that it purports to inculcate within the pupils. Some of the features that ought be taken into consideration while evaluating a curriculum are:
  1. Does the curriculum enable the students to put their thinking caps on and try to find solutions to real world problems in a more realistic and productive manner?
  2. Does it encourage the students to use their own critical ability and help them develop a lateral thinking pattern whereby they could form their own opinions?
  3. Does it give them practical knowledge?
  4. Does it grooms the children into well balanced personalities?
These parameters could be used to evaluate a curriculum and help one figure out how effective an educational system may prove to be in invigorating and educating our future generations.
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The authoritarian and regimented atmosphere of most schools is the complete opposite of what you are describing. Such a curriculum necessarily results in a cognitive disconnect between what the student is experiencing and what they are being told/asked.

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